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Art is a great asset and an indispensable support for film projects. There is no place that he could not stage perfectly with his know-how. He's like Mary Poppins of Lighting, always producing some useful gadget out of his stock.

Alexander Baldreich
Director and Producer

Artem is quick to catch on and carry through the DPs ideas. When proposing solutions he does not insist and does not take it personally if the DP has another plan. He has great resilience and a deep love for lighting. You can say he was born as a light.

Thomas Wozny

Working with Artem was a pleasure. He is a very proactive cinematographer and gaffer with lot of equipment and even more knowledge always delivering professional results. His advice helped us many times to make our work better.

Jirka Czerny
Director and Producer

Working with Artem is always a great experience - he puts every scene in the perfect light, maintains an overview and acts professionally in a team!

Viki Kühtreiber
Videographer and Producer

It was a pleasure to work with Artem. He shows a very professional and creative approach to tasks on set and in the planning stage. I look forward to further cooperation.

Yuri Chubenko

Image by Wolfgang Garhöfer

Artem has a brilliant analytical mind and a real eye for shot composition. He knows how to piece shots together to make a good scene. Ultimately, his passion and commitment to filmmaking is undeniable.

Drew Marke
Writer and Director

Some background

As of yet, i can‘t boast about decades of experience and plentiful industry awards, that’s where you, dear Partner, and your future project come in.

What i can bring to the set is reliability, a calm and focused presence and a permanent desire to learn by doing.

I started on the film financing side of the business back in mid-2010s, representing clients who wanted to invest in movies. As it often happens, they lost some money, but me, i gained an understanding and love of filmmaking. At a point later in my life i decided to engage in the process myself, specializing in those aspects of production, that have to do with the actual visual experience, the foremost being lighting and cinematography, Due to my background i am very budget conscious when it comes to production. My approach is to use all available ressources to achieve the highest visual impact and production value.

I am lucky to be able to afford working with independent and student filmmakers, pledging my work and my sizeable equipment inventory to the projects without looking for immediate profits.
As a cinematographer i am also my own gaffer, keeping headcounts lower.

My plan is to move forward as a team and a network of filmmakers like you and me, starting where we are now and steadily bringing our art out to the audiences.

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