Lights, Camera, ROI: from Visuals to Victories!

image by Wolfgang Garhöfer

I love what I do

Thoughtfully designed Camerawork and Lighting turn your productions into incredible cinematic visual experiences, and I love being part of that process.

As Indies we know our ressources are extremely limited and camera and lighting are often a budget item that suffers a lot because of that. On the other hand what we really always want is to realise our vision in a way that looks both visually appealing and professional. I am here to bring affordable visuals to independent productions, adding to their production value and helping directors and producers to realize their vision.

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I want to work with future talent

I want to exchange knowledge, experiences and opportunities with you and your crew.

Not all of us have the good fortune to go to prestigious film schools. As independents we thrive by building relationships and sharing contacts by working together. There is so much to learn from and so much information accessible within a community of filmmakers, which is great for all our future careers.
Let's stick together!

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Every filmmaker has to start somewhere

That's why I gladly provide affordable services for indie filmmakers at the start of their careers.

So, you don't have the Hollywood budgets... yet.
There are a ton of other creative ways we can polish the look of your production, so the visuals punch far above their weight. This way the final material looks way better and you get the chance to experiment and learn in the process.

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